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Capturing Gaddafi: Narrative as system currency 

Published in Technoetic Arts:  Journal of Speculative Research.Vol. 12, Issue 2-3. 2015.

This article explores the construction of narrative through multiple vehicles and its function as currency in systems of representation and communication. Information derived from events and sets of relational events configured through their production and dissemination in the network model of communication challenges the existing theoretical frameworks of narrative construction. This article considers the capture of former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi as a mechanism to examine the role of the network model of communication in the construction of narrative through the lens of cognitive narratology and radical constructivism. In doing so, it considers the event-indexing situation model (EISM) as a possible instrument for enabling a cognitive construction of narrative stemming from event information produced and disseminated within the network model of communication.


Syncretic narrative: Data in flux

Published in Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research. Vol. 11, Issue 2. 2013. 

The syncretic narrative presents a unique opportunity for enabling a contrapuntal reading and analysis of information when produced through the networked model of communication. The various iterations of the syncretic narrative can be determined and outlined through a variety of diverse practices. This paper will address and propose an outline of attributes that would potentially demonstrate the construction of syncretic narrative within creative practice. © 2013 Intellect Ltd Article. English language.



Fictionalizing the Figuration: (In) Consideration of the Arab Spring’s narrative matrix

Published in the Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research. Vol. 10, Issue 1. 2012

The objective of this article is to investigate the perceptual experience of a mediated temporality as it pertains to the structure and iteration of the narrative matrix. It examines the construction of the internal narrative assembled from disparate points of media production and distribution fictionalized into codified sequences through the operational stages of figuration and the subsequent iteration. The article will consider the syntagmatic and the paradigmatic within the narrative matrix of the Arab Spring, and the subsequent breakdown of the chronological and mimetic activity. © 2012 Intellect Ltd Article.


Economy of the moving image, 2011

Published in Presence in the Mindfield: Art, Identity and the Technology of Transformation in collaboration with Direcção Geral das Artes - Portuguese Ministry of Culture. 

Economy of the Moving Image will consider the author / subject / spectator relationship within the construction of the trans-media narrative. This paper will examine the design of narrative structures within the context of the moving image through the adaptation of multiple forms of production and dissemination, in order to achieve the overarching narrative framework. Considering the relationship between the real and the fictional representation within the moving image as it relates to the trans-media narrative. Trans-media narratology has the ability or rather the (intended and unintended) power to directly inform perceptions of our cultural, policital and societal landscapes. Developed out of a necessity based on the trajectory of communication strategies and technological innovations transmedia narratology provides an ideal territory for investigating the intertextuality and intersubjectivity within a given narrative. In this paper I will be sourcing recent political events in the Middle Eastern region. Effectively considering “the creative treatment of actuality”, a phrase used by the British documentary filmmaker John Grierson to characterize documentary filmmaking.


Art Disk, 2006

Editor/Publisher. A DVD publication comprised of curated video works and interviews with six practicing artists including Stephen Vitiello, Barbara DeGenevieve, Gary Schneider, Michelle Citron, Patrick Nagatani and William Pope. L. Released at MOMA, Miami, Florida.  

Art Disk was a collaboration between:  Thomas J. Condon, Diane Derr, Will May, Robert Rainey