Playing with Tajfel


Playing with tajfel

Interactive live Video
OpenFrameworks, 2014

'Playing with Tajfel’ (2014) is a humorous reflection of the unique and extremely diverse population of Qatar. As of April 2014 the population of Qatar stands at approximately 2 million with the majority being non-Qatari’s from India, Pakistan, Iran and the Philippines. While the population is extremely diverse there is a lack of engagement and understanding between the various cultures.

The project considers the dynamics of this engagement through the lens of Henri Tajfel’s research in social identity theory.  Tajfel proposed that members of one social group seek to find negative elements in alternate groups in order to enhance their own image resulting in an ‘us’ and ‘them’ approach. This project uses a modified version of the open source application ‘Face Substitution’ produced by Kyle McDonald in OpenFrameworks. As the viewer stands in front of the screen with a live video feed, the face of another Qatari resident is digitally mapped on to their own.  Each time the viewer blinks an alternate portrait is mapped onto the viewer.