Featured in 'Forward Thinker' article of The Foundation Magazine.

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Presenting 'Capturing Gaddafi: Narrative as System Currency'


Strange Wonders

VCUQatar Faculty Exhibition

VCUQatar Gallery


Presenting "Art and Artifacts: Immersive and Interactive Technology in the Preservation and Engagement of Built Cultural Heritage

Presenting 'Economy of the Moving Image'

Presence in the Mindfield: Art, Identity and the Technology of Transformation Conference, November 2011. Hosted by Centro Cultural De Belem. Lisbon, Portugal.

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Presenting 'Media Literacy and Design Pedagogy'


Recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Faculty in Teaching award


Presenting 'Urban Space and Qatar’s Build Cultural Heritage' at ISEA, 2014 in Dubai

conducting 'VJing the Narrative', Tasmeem Workshop 


Presenting ‘Syncretic Narrative: Data in Flux’ at XARTS

University of the Aegean

Presenting 'Constructed: Fictional Realisms'

New Narrative IV: Image and Spectacle Conference, April 2012. Hosted by University of Toronto. Ontario, Canada.

Lines in the Sand

VCUQatar Gallery


'Visualising Qatar’s Past 'awarded a National Priorities Research Program Grant


Presenting ‘A Contrapuntal Reading of Data Journalism’

'Behind the image and beyond’, German university of cairo


Exhibiting 'Distention' at the Gezira Art Centre, Cairo Egypt

Distinguished Faculty in Research Award, 2013

Presenting 'Media Literacy in the Art and Design Curriculum'

International Perspectives in Art and Design Pedagogy, 2010. Hosted by Leeds College of Art Leeds, United Kingdom.