VJ'ing the Narrative



This workshop targets artists and designers interested in the expansive field of the moving image, and the integration of time-based media and interactivity. Participants will learn and practice: basics of video production and shooting panoramic video on location; basics of editing in Apple’s Final Cut Pro, including sequencing, voice-overs, audio mixing, compression, etc.; system design; data distribution methods for multiple devices; and live, collaborative interaction techniques.


Integrating the themes of “Hybrid-Making” and “Made in Doha,” this workshop links traditional video production with performative and collaborative interactive practices. The workshop will be divided into five components: video shooting, video editing, database configuration, system design (performance rules), and an interactive exhibition installation.


Workshop participants will shoot a series of panoramic videos in Qatar using three GoPro cameras (portable, relatively inexpensive cameras often used by snowboarders, etc.) and a DSLR with a tilt-shift lens. We will spend one day focusing on shooting and production with a DSLR. We will focus on production and on the types of DSLR cameras: full frame sensor versus the crop sensor, lenses, sound in production and microphones, shooting time-lapse, working with the intervalometer, filters, and the different hardware that one can purchase for these types of cameras. Since participants will be shooting panoramas with the GoPro cameras, we will discuss and demonstrate the GoPro, after which participants will be shooting, either separately or working together. Everyone will have an opportunity to shoot his or her own material.

This footage will then be edited, compressed, and categorized for database distribution to iPad devices. Participants will then “perform” the footage by pushing these videos to a workshopor. By designing a system of rules for how, what, and when each participant pushes their imagery, we will perform and critique different experiences of the same media. Participants will also have the opportunity to shoot and workshop live imagery as the system continues to evolve within the exhibition space.


Participants will learn the basics of non-linear video editing by importing and modifying their own video footage. They will also learn basic concepts of video compression, as well as device-specific settings, for iPhone, iPad, YouTube, and Vimeo. Participants will experiment with “push” and screen-sharing technologies. Video compression’s error tolerance will be discussed as a metaphor for further discussion about the need for error tolerance in our collaborative performance. Questions to be addressed include: Is dead space allowed? How much? When? Do we embrace the glitch of our system or fight against it? Recursion? Further work time with video editing and push tech.