Lines in the Sand


‘Lines in the Sand’ (2014) is an exhibition that brings together realms that seem at first to be mutually exclusive – the historical and the contemporary; the real and the virtual; the tangible and the intangible. This exhibition unearths Qatar’s rich and complex history through interactive media designed to create new and alternate frameworks through with we may view, use and engage with the past.

Building upon previous collaborative research at the Al Ruwayda archaeological site which was funded by an NPRP grant from the Qatar National Research Fund and involving VCUQatar, the University of Wales and Qatar Museum Authority, ‘Lines in the Sand’ moves archeology into the contemporary gallery and thus enables new and dynamic interactions, insights and juxtapositions. This, in turn, provides critical understanding of Qatar’s past, and encourages individual narratives to be constructed.


‘Lines in the Sand’ was made possible through a collaboration between VCUQatar, the University of Wales and Qatar Museum Authority and was funded by a VCUQatar Faculty Research Grant.

The seven projects were created and directed by Diane Derr working in collaboration with Law Alsobrook, Leslie Forehand, Mirza Baig, Hussein Wanas, Zoe Donald, Hassan Wanas and Dr. Andrew Petersen.