Practice + Research

Practice + Research


From There to Then

'From There to Then' (2014/15) is a collaborative research project by Diane Derr and Law Alsobrook examining the construction of narrative through the non-visual and auditory forms of environmental and biometric sensors.

Lines in the Sand

‘Lines in the Sand’ was made possible through a collaboration between VCUQatar, the University of Wales and Qatar Museum Authority and was funded by a VCUQatar Faculty Research Grant.

Visualizing Qatar's Past

The principal aim of this research project is to build up a visual record of Qatar’s archaeological and heritage sites and to develop new methods of recording and analysis based on the use of UAV photography. Visualizing Qatar’s Past was funded by a National Priorities Research Program grant and has been conducted in collaboratively between Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar, the University of Wales and the Qatar Museum Authority.



'Vibrations' (2016) is a video triptych exploring the generation of audio frequency from galactic gas density represented through the electromagnetic spectrum. It does so through a process of mapping audio frequencies (measured in hertz) to their visibility on the electromagnetic spectrum. The spectrum, which describes all wavelengths of light from gamma rays to radio waves, represents the density buildup and movement of galactic gases in giant molecular clouds and nebula. The computational models utilized in the series were produced by researchers at NASA, the University of California Berkeley and the University of Leicester.


Shared Destination beyond the Veracity Gap

Shared Destination beyond the Veracity Gap (2012) is comprised of a small collection of videos of citizen witnesses capturing their own deaths in their act of documenting the Syrian Revolution.

The image and audio quality of all of the videos is very poor, pixelated, shaky, and grainy. Each video begins with the scene that the citizen witness, the author, is documenting. We, the spectator, then see the physical fall of the citizen witness, from the perspective of the camera, without ever seeing their face. The distance between the spectator and the author-subject (citizen witness) is substantial and palpable. Authored content of death has been so highly mediated in the multitude of accessible platforms, videos of the “death witness” transform into something unreal in the hyper-reality of the virtual. The collision of the author and the subject is undeniable.


Playing with Tajfel

'Playing with Tajfel’ (2014) is a humorous reflection of the unique and extremely diverse population of Qatar. As of April 2014 the population of Qatar stands at approximately 2 million with the majority being non-Qatari’s from India, Pakistan, Iran and the Philippines. While the population is extremely diverse there is a lack of engagement and understanding between the various cultures.


Activating Distention

'Activating Distention' (2013) investigates the production and dissemination of information by western news agencies concerning the Egyptian Revolution. In the reporting of the Egyptian Revolution by western news agencies the mediated relationship between the experience and representation of information became distended. This project creates a playful bridge between the population that created and experienced the revolution and the footage that propagated a mediated representation of the events of the Egyptian Revolution to the western audience.