Design Studio Two, 2015


Design Studio two, 2015

Studio course focusing on inter-disciplinary, team-based approaches to identifying and solving advanced design problems. Conceptual and theoretical approaches will be mixed with physical making and practical solutions. Both pragmatic design methodologies and instinctive creative cues will be part of the class development.  

The SEM SEM Studio will investigate the notion of customization from a production point of view. Modern consumerist society has developed a very refined marketing strategy, which includes both mass production and extreme individualism. It is a phenomenon called mass customization: we all want to be unique, but at the same time we all want people to know what we wear/use/operate. The aim of the SEM SEM Studio is to challenge this idea throughout the construction of customizing machines producing series of unique pieces.

The SEM SEM Studio will be divided in four different phases: Customizing Research: how customization affects behavior/production in the region. Customizing Body: producing artifacts using your own body as a customization device. Customizing Machine: designing and building a machine producing series of unique pieces. Customizing Sensor: apply a sensor to the machine in order to produce artifacts, which vary according to the interaction with the audience. During the semester we will also explore the concepts of critical and generative design.


Sem Sem But Different

"Sem Sem But Different" is a collaboration between the MFA in Design courses DESI 621 Design Studio and DESI 512 Visual Communication. Professor Marco Bruno, John Burrow, Diane Derr, Simone Muscolino.

The Sem Sem But Different Machines are mechanical devices designed to create series of unique objects. Each machines can be customized using different parameters and is incapable of producing the exact same artifact twice. The project is an opportunity to reflect upon the idea of mass customization from a production point of view.

"Bedu Butter" designed and fabricated by Yasmeen Suleiman.
"Collective Kunafa" designed and fabricated by Noha Fouad.
"From ... To" designed and fabricated by Barbara Charrue.
"Styro Storm" designed and fabricated by Hadeer Omar.
"Musiclay" designed and fabricated by Nesma Khodier.
"Jelly Workout" designed and fabricated by Faisal Mohammad.
"Tag Wars" designed and fabricated by Hawa Stwodah.


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Feature 3

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